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Human Design offers you a no-nonsense guide to living YOUR best life. Everyone has ideas and advice on how you should live and what you need to do. The noise is getting louder and louder as we look for answers.

I’m glad you found your way here.

This is where the endless demands stop. The opportunity to find your own authentic path is a chart away.

Get yours here. No strings, just information.

getting started with human design

Human Design begins with your personal chart, as unique to you as your fingerprints.

From there, you can get an overview of what it all means for you by checking out the specific information I’ve included for you.

Looking for more? Absolutely! Let’s meet up for an analysis of your chart, looking at the places that interest you most and going into as much or as little detail as you want.

We’ll look at:

    • What being in alignment feels like (hint: life is oh so much smoother).
    • What conditioning feels like and how it impacts your world (hint: it’s very ‘sticky’ and I can guarantee you don’t like it).
    • Relationships – how you relate to your significant other, parents, kids, colleagues, clients.
    • How to achieve your best, most effective decision-making, consistently.
    • Success – what that looks like for you, and with Insight Coaching, we can build the path for you to achieve everything you can envision.
    • And yes, there’s more, much more!

Meet Mikki

Transformational Generator

Mikki brings her natural intuition to each and every analysis of Human Design. Formerly known to everyone as “The Compassionate Coach”, Mikki views the world through a deeply compassionate lens. Her mission is to reveal individual Human Design, empowering each person to find their true alignment while developing a heartfelt understanding of the intrinsic rightness of themselves.

Mikki loves to engage in fascinating conversations with the most interesting people.

This means you!

She is thrilled to bring you the answers to your questions – spoken and as yet unknown.



1 x 60 Minute Reading for 1 Human Design Chart