Insight coaching transforms lives. It can transform yours. There is so much you can achieve, so much you have yet to create and enjoy in your life. We’ll find the obstacles that hold you back and turn them into opportunities. Overwhelm and stress can be resolved and relegated to the past. Know that you are empowered to own your choices. Are YOU ready to roll up your sleeves and join me?


The day my life’s trajectory changed was dramatic yet…quiet. Really, really quiet. I spent the whole day staring at work that needed to be done. I knew how to do it, no problem. Yet no matter how hard I tried, I could not make myself.

Sure, I had felt the stress building over time. The miserable Monday morning feeling lasted until Thursday. Hell, it began on Sunday evenings for crying out loud. Yet, I was still not prepared for the standstill that hit me.

This was it. A burnout of epic proportions.

Done. Toast.

Even still, it was not a small decision to quit my job and follow my heart. It was not the ‘safe’ choice.

Big, important changes are never small decisions, after all. And changes are, by definition, out of our comfort zones!

So what am I talking about? The same thing that happens to all of us at some time, in some way. It might be a relationship rather than a job. It might be where you live or what you spend your non-work time doing, but something, somewhere is not working the way you’d like it to. The way it could, if only…

Somewhere, a long time ago, we became a society of people pleasers and gave up our individual visions for the future and the impact we wanted to have in the world. We squished ourselves into someone else’s definition of who we are.

That’s what happened.

Have you ever heard this:

“You’re either a Doctor, a Lawyer, an engineer or a failure”?

So, how about this for an idea – Let’s not do that anymore.

“When I was your age, I had…., so you should…” Yeah, no, you shouldn’t.

Let’s find out what works for YOU and create the path so you can do that. What are your dreams? What inspires you? Come and tell me about those things.

If what you are doing right now isn’t working at the level you want it, we need to talk. Don’t live a life you will regret. You really don’t have to.

So, are you ready to re-think your choices and be open to creating higher and better – your definition of your future?

If you are ready to make Big Decisions and build yourself an amazing future, you have come to the right place.

I’ve got you.


Human design is the Science of Differentiation. It is your pathway to a deep understanding of how your true nature works for you, how it can work for you, and what it looks like when you are out of alignment. It provides you with a strategy for living how you choose, with ease and fulfillment. Through Human Design and Insight coaching, you will discover the beauty of learning to trust yourself, gaining confidence in your choices and your decisions as you see the effects of conscious living for yourself. It is a wonderful process and every step brings you closer to all you want to be.

“No” is a positive thing when you say it for all the right reasons.

When “Yes” is a conscious choice and not a default response, you become energized, not exhausted.

Your unique purpose is not a secret, hidden from you. It is available, right here.


Mikki will analyze your chart, providing insights into your specific energy design and highlighting your strategy for reducing obstacles in your life. Relationships with significant others, parents, co-workers and children can all be enhanced by knowing how to interact with them for the best outcomes.
Understanding your own chart and that of significant people in your life offers you – and them – a true gift of deep connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insight Coaching

frequently asked questions about Insight Coaching
What is Insight Coaching?

Insight Coaching is my unique blend of Human Design, Applied Behavior Analysis (the science of behavior change, also known as ABA) and positive psychology techniques plus intuition – all designed to get you there. Habits can be helpful or a hindrance, ABA can be used to reinforce the habits that serve you and change the habits that hinder – the choice is yours. I have global experiences to draw from and multiple certifications ranging from Precision Nutrition level 2 coaching, through American Council on Exercise fitness and health certifications to creative visualization techniques from Paul McKenna. Ultimately, Insight Coaching is tailored to meet your unique needs – taking you from where you are now to the future you desire.

What can I expect from Insight Coaching?
Insight Coaching promises to uncover the strengths you never knew you had. We’ll explore ways you can captialize on your own abilities in new and exciting ways. Your insights will open a path that feels exciting, just a little scary and totally “you”.
When you are ready to risk fully believing in yourself, trusting your judgement and abilities, we have some amazing work to do!
What does a typical session involve?

Firstly, this is a fully individualized experience. You and I will discuss what would be most productive and schedule friendly for you. Some people prefer smaller sessions once a week, others like to have a longer session every two weeks. I offer a flexible, mutually agreed upon timeline.

What if I have questions between sessions?

We have voxer communication available between sessions so you can always send a quick question or a thought whatever time of day or night it occurs to you. I will answer within the shortest possible time, depending on when you message. Middle of the night or weekends may take a bit longer.

Do you give assignments between sessions?

I am always happy to do so. Many of my clients prefer to have specific tasks to work on and if that is helpful for you, there will be assignments applicable to the work at hand. It is sometimes helpful for the person who feels ready to move towards their goals as swiftly as possible. Your progress will take as long as you think it needs to take (more on that when we have the first session!)


  • 2 live sessions/month
  • 2 check-ins with corresponding status updates
  • Unlimited Voxer access
  • Bespoke Coaching Plan
    • Exponential Roadmap plan
    • Removing self-limiting beliefs
  • Access to relevant resources, materials, videos, exercises
  • Bi-weekly homework

As this is a bespoke service, the fine details of how our work together will look will be decided between us to best serve you.


Come for a chat and stay for the transformation. When you are ready to explore the possibilities, book a discovery call with me and we’ll see what’s on your agenda. No obligations or fees, just the facts.