I coach successful people who are ready to realize their bigger vision, while they may not realize what is possible, I help them to see greater possibilities and to map out the steps to achieve it.

Past success can actually be the biggest block to moving forward. If you keep doing what got you here, how will you move forward and upward by doing the same things?

This is important: The future does not exist yet. YOU get to create it. If you don’t create it for yourself, who will create it for you? Are you okay with that? What are your limits? Why? The only dream you can’t achieve is the one you don’t plan and work for.

"I have already recommended Michaela’s (Mikki's) services to several people in my life and would to anyone in need of a change."

Rebecca E.



Mikki Gaffen Stone has lived a nomadic lifestyle from a very young age. Born in the UK, her earliest memory is of living in Australia and being inseparable from her beloved dog, Caesar. That instinct to care and nurture those around her led her into the field of nursing and in particular to an orphanage in Bangladesh where she was able to lean into her values of compassion and kindness.

Travelling around the world and calling 8 different countries home has allowed Mikki to observe people and experience a diverse range of cultures often starting with a visit to the local food market. Her love of interesting conversations with the fascinating people she has met along the way, have helped to fuel a lifelong quest to understand the human psyche and what makes people ‘tick’, more deeply.

To that end Mikki has completed four degrees in the fields of Psychology and Sociology and went on to work as a board-certified behavioral analyst specializing in working with autistic children and their families to help them find their strengths and overcome some of the challenges of having to function in a neurotypical world that sometimes feels like it doesn’t quite fit.

Most recently, Mikki has brought together her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge into the field of Human Design. Mikki understands that if you are doing the thing you are meant to do in life, you will have a stronger sense of satisfaction and fulfilment and always be evolving. She’s on a mission to help her clients discover their essence and live in complete alignment with the truest version of themselves. Human Design is the perfect platform for Mikki to incorporate in her insight coaching work with individuals, couples and other relationships such as parents and children.

Mikki and her husband currently live in USA and her love of animals has continued to this day and they share their home with five dogs and five cats. She says of her pets ‘they restore a sense of calm and remind me what a world with no judgement looks like.’

Mikki loves to engage in fascinating conversations with the most interesting people.