Human Design is a complex system that combines ancient wisdom from four renowned traditions plus modern science. It is a relatively new and does not belong to, nor deny, any religion. It is a source of information to guide you, affirm all that is right about you and to pave the way for self-acceptance, self-love, fulfillment and ease in your life. It is popular to say that ‘life is a struggle’ and you have to ‘fight your way to the top’ – whatever that means.

But we do not do well as a species by struggling against each other. Human Design shows you another way. A peaceful pathway that you can use to move away from the struggle and misery (which means you are focusing on things that do not work for your energy) and towards the strengths you inherently possess. This is how you create your amazing life – by being in alignment.

Human Design can be seen as an experiment – try out the information for yourself! You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it.

Wisdom says “View new information in the light of your life experience. If you find it to be good, take it and use it. If you do not find it to be good, put it to one side.”

5 Branches of Wisdom


Is the study and interpretation of the influence fixed stars, the Sun, Moon and the Planets of our solar system exert over human behaviors and events. The practice of astrology is recognized in the Bible but is not scientifically proven at this time. Although we do know the Moon affects the tides, and the stars and planets affect all of nature.”


Also known as the Book of Changes. The I Ching is an early work which is considered to be one of the “five classics” of Confucianism. It is used for prediction and is widely acknowledged for being a source of accuracy and wisdom. Often consulted for its advice and insight into human nature. The principles of Yin and Yang energies are found in the 64 hexagrams and eight symbolic trigrams.


“Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” and refers to key energy centers in the body. These centers correspond to vital nerves and major organs and glands, the balance and operation of which greatly affects our well-being. By its nature, energy needs to move (as does a wheel) in order to create and maintain optimal functioning in the recipient. When energy flow is disrupted or slowed in any way, the result is dis-harmony and dis-ease. The Hindu Brahmin tradition accounts for 7 chakras, but in Human Design we have 9 energy centers. The reason for this change and growth is given as an evolutionary shift, said to have occurred in 1781.

The Kabbalah

The Kabbalah comes from ancient Jewish mysticism. It provides an explanation of the relationship between the eternal, unchanging G-d (The Infinite) and the mortal, finite universe (G-d’s creation). The Tree of Life further delineates the 10 divine powers/attributes through which ‘The Infinite’ channels its creative life force (consciousness) so it may be knowable to mankind. The Tree is located in the 36 channels of the Bodygraph. The 64 gates correspond to the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching.

Quantum Physics (and the study of Neutrinos)

This is an immense, detailed topic and the reader is advised to further explore the copious resources available via books, internet and lectures for current information.

That said, and in summary, neutrinos may be explained as the modern equivalent of Chi or Prana – these particles are the vital life force that runs through all living beings. The Sun produces 70% of these subatomic particles which travel to earth (as does the heat produced from the Sun), carrying tiny particles of information that leaves an energetic imprint on all living beings.

Combined, these old and new wisdoms form the basis of Human Design. We are fortunate to have access to this incredible spiritual tool, relevant and timely with its accuracy and intricacy. Your bodygraph chart is the visible result of this modern combination. It provides the blueprint, in beautiful detail, for how to best navigate your life.

THE 5 Types

In Human Design, your energy Type is the most important aspect of your chart. It is the foundation that helps you to discover your true nature, to understand your values and how they fit into your world. This information can assist you to develop deeper self-acceptance and to navigate your way ever closer to living in alignment with your true nature. Even if you go no further, learn this aspect of your chart as fully as you can.

Many Human Design authorities will divide the Types into four – placing Manifesting Generators and Generators under one umbrella. This is because there are four Strategies. However, I feel that everyone needs their own, devoted space to learn from and there as is some noticeable variation between pure Generators and Manifesting Generators, these two Types are separated here.


Technically, the Manifestor has one or more motor centers directly connected to the Throat Center. Additionally, the Sacral Center is never defined in this chart. More about that later.
Manifestors are the traditional ‘rulers’ of people, forming 9% of the global population. This Type easily gains power and authority over others by using their inherent power and ability to act swiftly, decisively. This is a patriarchal energy of ‘doing’. There is no need to wait before putting words into action. This energy Type is an initiator. Manifestors are the most independent of the energy Types.

Strategy: Manifestor strategy varies by age. For the child, they need to be guided to ask permission before acting. As an adult, the strategy is to inform others of what they are doing so they are not upset and resist the manifestor’s actions, supporting them instead. It is easy for manifestors to forget to do this, and when they do, things don’t turn out as they planned. When things go well, the Manifestor feels at peace with themselves and their lot in life. When things go awry, The manifestor becomes angry.


Technically, the Generator is always someone with a defined Sacral Center. A pure Generator will also have an undefined Throat Center or a Throat connected to a non-motor center. This type is found in 37% of the population. Generators are the worker bees (doers) of the world, and are not designed to initiate. They have a long history of being manipulated by the Manifestors. As the latter’s power has naturally declined, Generators are emerging from the shadows, becoming the epitome of creativity, building whatever it is that excites them to create.

Strategy: To respond. The Generator needs yes or no options to choose from. This makes decisions potentially easy to make. The challenge here is patience. Generators typically don’t have any! The Generator often wants to commit, yes yes yes to everything. They believe they have the energy and they can do it! Except, that is not really the case. Generators tend to over commit. Too many projects, too many ‘yesses’ to things they are not actually aligned with. Saying yes to the wrong thing leads to frustration and a blockage of energy flow that would normally lift others when the Generator is in alignment.

When they are able to wait and feel the sacral center response of excitement for a real ‘yes’, the result is satisfaction.


A hybrid perhaps, but there is evidence to say that MG’s are not the same as Generators. As such, they have their own Type here. 33% of the population, the MG must balance the gifts and challenges from both Types in this design. They are multi-passionate and non-linear which means they can be the most impatient and erratic of all the Types because of the dual drives in their energy. However MGs also have the greatest potential. They are designed to show others how to break free from limitations and thrive ‘outside the box.’

Like the Generator, their strategy is to wait to respond, and like the Manifestor they have the constant urge to leap into action. This is not an easy combination, but can be powerful once they harness the potential and develop patience.

Strategy: To respond. The Manifesting Generator needs yes or no options to choose from, just as the Pure Generator does. This makes decisions potentially easy to make. The challenge is patience. MGs typically have even less than their Gen counterparts! The urge to move forward quickly is strong, but they still need to wait for Sacral center approval. Without it, they will experience anger and frustration. When they are able to wait and feel the sacral center response of excitement for a real ‘yes’, the result is satisfaction and peace.


Technically, a Projector is someone with no defined Sacral Center and no motor center connection to the Throat. This Type form 21% of the population and is the first of two non – energy Types. Projectors are naturally designed to be at the top of the Type hierarchy and are currently moving towards that role. Projectors study, understand and can guide the energy Types toward greater efficiency. Although not in a position of power, Projectors maintain harmony between the energy Types and because of them, Generators can be more successful. It is a highly productive partnership.

Strategy: Projectors need to be recognized for their abilities and invited to share their knowledge. They need to wait for a specific invitation such as investors recognizing their special skills. This strategy is to be applied for big decisions such as work and partnerships, and is not necessary for smaller, daily decisions. When Projectors are not properly recognized they feel unseen and become bitter. When they are appropriately invited and feel seen, the result is success.


Technically, this Type is the easiest and perhaps most surprising to spot. They have no defined Centers. Not one. There will be Gates defined, but no Channels. The rarest Type, Reflectors form 1% of the population. As the name suggests, Reflectors are like mirrors, reflecting – and amplifying – the environment they are in. The strength of this Type is the ability to read others. The challenge is that this Type is vulnerable until they learn to let go of the impressions they have absorbed from others. Reflectors follow a Lunar cycle, all other Types are Solar. Reflectors can therefore be deeply spiritual and connected in a way that the Solar Types cannot.

Strategy: Reflectors process information and experiences differently to the Solar Types and have to wait for a full Lunar cycle to pass before making major decisions. During that time, they need to talk about the prospective job or house move to as many people as possible. This is not for advice. Hearing different perspectives provides valuable information for the Reflector to consider.


Emotional authority – Defined Solar Plexus

The emotional authority is about WHEN to make decisions, and less about HOW to make them. Making decisions when experiencing a high or a low emotional wave will lead to incorrect choices for you. Wait until calm. This is the WHEN.

The HOW is found in your secondary authority. Use that Center’s influence to make your big decisions once you have reached a state of calm.

Use your secondary authority to make smaller decisions on a daily basis as you will never decide what’s for dinner if you have to go through the full process!

Sacral authority

Go with your gut feeling! This authority tells you when you have a hell yes, and when it is a hell no! Slow down and take some time to feel whether this opportunity you are considering is exciting or not. If it is exciting, go for it. Even better if you can’t explain why you want this thing. If you can explain your reasons clearly, the decision is coming from your head. All Generators have a Sacral authority (which takes time to work with) and are not known for their patience. You will miss the opportunity to find your ‘yes’ if you respond too quickly however, and may end up over-committing at the same time. This is a recipe for frustration and burnout. You are designed to respond to yes/no questions.

Splenic authority

Guidance sounds like a small, inner voice that tells you in the moment whether something is a good idea or not. It’s your intuition. What it tells you may not make sense immediately, but listen and make notes if you need to. You’ll see the sense it made later. Learn to trust your inner voice. The more you practice with it, the stronger and more sure and beneficial your decisions will be. Start with small, inconsequential decisions and build up as you hear that inner voice more clearly.

Ego / Heart authority

Your heart’s desire. Literally, if your heart is in it, there will be no holding you back. This authority is passionate and motivated about the “yes”. This design functions best when you use it to decide what YOU want. Not what someone else thinks you should want. If you have a lot of conditioning around ‘selfish is wrong’ or feel you should putting other people first, then it will take some time for you to embrace what works for you. Know this: if your heart isn’t in it, it’s not correct for you.

G-Center authority (self-projected projector)

You need to voice your decisions out loud. It’s only when you hear it spoken that clarity comes and you can tell if this is right for you / what your next step should be. While you have a strong sense of personal direction – you know what you want and where you are going – this clarity can get lost in your head if you spend too much time thinking about it. Find someone who will act as a sounding board, or talk out loud to yourself. You don’t need advice. Note that conversations in your head will not work for this authority.

Mental authority – Centers are any combination of defined Throat, Ajna and crown

Your decisions are logical. This authority is all about gathering and examining the data, information, patterns and figuring out the logical path forward. Intuition is likely to be minimally present, if at all, and you do not have defined emotional centers to inform you. You think your way to decisions.

Lunar authority – NO defined centers

For smaller, daily decisions, use whatever feels or sounds best to you at the time. As the moon passes through each of the 64 gates every Lunar cycle, you will reflect all of the other Types sequentially for a few days each month and your authority will feel different accordingly. Bigger decisions such as job or house move will need a full Lunar cycle of 28 days for you to make the correct decision for you. If the thing you are considering is really for you, it will be there when you are ready.


The Bodygraph is a pictorial representation of your lifetime blueprint. It is as individual as your fingerprint and reveals a great deal of information about what it means to live as you are designed. Who you are and what your purpose is for yourself and as you relate to others is contained within. It is the key to your personal growth, attunement and a life of ease and flow, as it is meant to be lived.

The most important thing for you to fully understand is your energy type. This has the foundational information that the rest of your design is based on.

The next in importance is the strategy to use when making decisions and that includes knowing your authority.

The 12 Profiles

Your profile is your next point of focus as it indicates both how you think you show up in the world (your inner ‘you’, if you will) and how other people see you. This is a tangible, prominent feature in your life and well worth understanding – so much you may have wondered about before will become clear when you learn about your profile.

Important Note: The first number is your conscious energy, functioning in a way you are most aware of. The second number is your unconscious energy. More subtle than the first number, this energy will follow after the first has asserted its presence. The first number is the most prominent aspect of your profile.

1/3 - the investigator / Teacher

Internal: You are the establisher of truth. You love to learn and will study diligently. External: what people see. You are here to use trial and error as your proving ground. So, people will see you trying everything out. You cannot be lied to as you’ll know every time.

2/4 - The hermit / Opportunist

You are an easy breezy genius. Yes, you are! This is an interesting profile in that the 2 (hermit) wants to stay home and the 4 (opportunist) is a natural networker. So, the energy here says “go away!” and “hello people” at the same time. There is a clear task at hand – develop harmony between the push and pull of being a 2/4.

3/5 - The Teacher / Messenger

You are the Great Life Experimenter! Oh boy. You have the dual tendencies to send off “go away, I don’t need you” vibes at the same time as presenting to the world the most magnetic, relatable and lovable of personalities. Life is a rollercoaster for you and the paparazzi will be checking to see what you are up to!

4/6 - Opportunist / Role Model

The Regal Authority Figure. You are the Queen or King of your circle as you live for family and friends. You are the center of the group but still need some TLC yourself from time to time.

5/1 Heretic / Investigator

You are the challenge Solver. You want to save the day and solve all the problems You love the process and not just the outcome. The world sees you as constantly curious and don’t always see the work you put in underneath the surface.

6/2 - Role Model / Hermit

You are the Exemplary Human. This means you seek what was missing as a child. You are here to become the exemplary human being your inner child wished existed. A word to the wise: Resist micro-managing tendencies and don’t try to improve others at every opportunity. This can be very sticky for you.

1/4 - The investigator / opportunist

You are the Omniscient teacher. This is a harmonious profile. You learn and you pass it on. You are a networking wizard and are well connected to people who are well connected.

2/5 - The Hermit / Heretic

You are the Reluctant Hero! This is a harmonious profile. while you’d like to stay home (2) you have a strong inclination to save the day (5). Harmony comes from the (2) filtering out the wrong calls for help. Not everyone that asks for help truly needs it.

3/6 - The Teacher / Role Model

Living contrast. Fun! You want to observe and chill out, but you also have an urge to live life to the fullest. Embracing the contrast is how you become whole. Did I mention that you are a chaos loving person who also loves the wisdom that comes from living your contrasts?

4/1 - Opportunist / Investigator

You are living the bonus life. This is a harmonious profile. You love the study of human behavior, psychology, sociology etc and are probably considering learning all about Human Design!

5/2 - Heretic / Hermit

You are the self- motivated hero. You absolutely can save the day. You have that 5 going on. However, you don’t always seem like the person people are looking for. Key: Understand and own your importance first, then put that out there in the world. Don’t expect to be discovered.

6/3 - Role Model / Teacher

You are The Responsible Adventurer. A tendency toward perfectionism makes you naturally restless as you always look for better and more. Fun and wise, you are seeking yet seem like you have it all together. You learn by experience.


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