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by | Apr 26, 2022

In Human Design, digestion is the conditions and circumstances under which your body most efficiently digests nutrients from food.


Passive brain. Needs less food than those with an active brain. Digestion of food – eat simple foods, separate the foods by bite (one bite of potato, one bite of fish etc). Grazing style rather than large meals. Information and stimulation – Toggle back and forth between tabs on your computer to better maintain focus.


You probably have a list of foods you like and are not especially interested in expanding that list. There is safety in keeping to what you know. It’s a good idea to try something new now and then. In work matters, you are likely to dive deep into your task and may need to use some self-management techniques to also work on the less preferred tasks.

COLD (Thirst)

You have a fiery system that benefits from cool and cold foods. Work environment needs to be cooler than your colleagues may prefer. You are the one most likely to sit by the open window.

NERVOUS (touch)

You need to be able to move around when you eat in order to digest your meal. You likely find you cannot sit throughout a meal and as a child were always being told to ‘sit still’. Work environment – you are the standing desk / treadmill under the desk or wriggling on a Swiss ball person. You may find taking frequent (small) breaks to be helpful. Walk to the next office instead of emailing, for example.

LOW (sound)

Quiet music playing in the background, soothing sounds provide the right environment for you to eat and digest in. This is likely to be your best environment for working as well. The library is an option with its low ambient noise, for example.

INDIRECT (light)

You prefer to eat later in the day and the biggest meal for this type should be in the evening. You do your best work later in the day as well. Late afternoon and evening is when your creativity flows. Night owls are likely to have this digestive type.


Eat one food at a time until it is finished, focusing on whole foods that the body recognizes as nutritious. You probably have noticed that you like your food to be separate and not combined in any way on your plate. In work, focus on one task at a time for best results. You are not a natural ‘multitasker’.


Literally open to trying new foods and learning new things. This person is likely to be adventurous and learn by experimentation. Given a subject, you are likely to explore all sorts of branches – example is music – if you play an instrument, the chances are you will play several, or at least more than one!

HOT (thirst)

This type often needs some support to properly digest foods. Your preference is, yes, you guessed it – hot cooked foods. These foods take less energy to digest than cold food does. Work environment needs to be comfortably warm for the best results.

CALM (touch)

Active brain. Needs more food than those with a passive brain. eat in a calm, quiet environment. A noisy restaurant, TV on in the background, lots of chatter – these things are not ideal for you at all. Your brain is always working, always stimulated and benefits from focused thinking rather than scattered attention. A calm and quiet work environment will serve you best.

HIGH (sound)

You need a place to eat that has lots of sound. TV, music, noisy restaurants are all preferred environments for your ideal digestion. You do well at big family dinners, for example. Music playing while you work is going to help with productivity.

DIRECT (light)

This relates more to the time of day. Direct, natural light is ideal, with a picnic outside on a sunny day being the optimal setting. Work productivity is likely to be highest during the earlier part of the day, and the most important / creative tasks are best addressed then, sitting next to a window if possible.

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