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by | Apr 26, 2022

In Human Design, environment refers to the type of surroundings where you will thrive and that will nourish your energy.


This can be your home office, wherever your comfy place is to hang out that is either away from people or at least an environment you feel you have some control over and can choose who you spend time with.


Gathering places where people work together in exchanges and collaboration, with a common direction in mind. Can be physical, virtual, literal or similar places such as a lunch meeting, coffee shop meetings.


Places that are where people gather and collaborate with each other. A creative space. May be literally a kitchen, or a studio, or an online summit, for example. Places where you feel most creative.


High places conducive to gaining perspective and clarity. A place to contemplate and process information. May be literally a mountain, or a location that provides these elements for you.


Places where you can meet new people and benefit from connecting with each other. A place which may not literally be a valley but is somewhere that offers connection to the immediate community and even the rest of the world. It is not a place to hide away.


Places that host a melting pot of cultures, talents, perspectives and opinions, all coming together.

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Michaela brings her natural intuition to each and every client. Formerly known to everyone as "The Compassionate Coach", Michaela views the world through a deeply compassionate lens. Her mission is to facilitate the rise of SELF-CARE in place of broken Health Care. Empowering each person towards lasting & improved health while developing a heartfelt understanding of the intrinsic rightness of themselves and sense of worthiness, Michaela is changing lives one operson at a time. YOU are that important, YES.


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