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Relationships By Energy Type

by | Mar 17, 2023

There are no ‘bad’ energy types in Human Design. They all have fantastic qualities available to the individual. Ahead is a quick breakdown of what that may look like for you. I say “may” because you have channels, gates and profiles that individualize your design and the traits inherent in your energy types. However, before you ask (someone already did) No, you cannot change your energy type, no matter how hard you try. All your efforts would lead you straight to living out of alignment.

Grab your non-alcoholic beverage of choice, and enjoy the read. See if you recognize yourself or family / friends in the descriptions!

The Reflector Energy Type

The big question for a Reflector is “can I be myself?” The answer is naturally, yes! If you are not showing up as yourself, who are you? You might feel invisible sometimes, but this is not so. You are rare (just 1% of the World’s population) and have lots of discovery ahead of you. Your true self shows up in all its forms over the 28-day lunar cycle. Remember that your true self is not fixed, however as you have no defined centers. You sway and ripple with your environment and must pay close attention to the world around you. This is your deepest level – filtering outside influences for information, reflecting them back and then – importantly – letting them go at the end of each day.

A meditation or other cleansing ritual will be essential so that you can go to bed as yourself and start the next day anew.

Reflector in relationships

Your partner and others around you will define who you are with their defined authorities. For this reason, especially, the Reflector must be very careful about who they choose to spend their life and work with. A special note: Reflectors are exactly that. People who reflect other people back to them completely. So, a relationship with a reflector will be narcissistic! The partner of a Reflector essentially falls in love with themselves.

Having children will help the reflector to feel good about their relationship, but this does not always mean the relationship will work out.

Takeaway points – Be careful who you allow in your inner circle. Take a full lunar month before deciding anything big – including whether to allow this person to be close to you. You are here to reflect people back at them – whether that is their messed-up selves or their truth.

The Projector Energy Type

You are designed to wait. Not to wait to respond to opportunities from every direction, like a Generator, but to wait for a specific invitation. Your strategy to wait is necessary in four specific areas of life – Love, career, bonding with others, deciding where you will live. This means that you must be selective in your responding because the stakes are so high. You are waiting to be recognized, acknowledged, and invited for a perfect condition, event, direction in life.

You are likely to want to volunteer, to invite others and find waiting to be especially difficult to do. This is your ‘not-self’, however, and you will find such busyness on your part does not bring the results you hope for.

Projector in Relationships

Projectors are made for being noticed so relax, and let your aura do the talking. You will draw the right people and invitations if you can master this. You will do best with an invitation that resonates with your energetic frequency. If you are energetically ready for an invitation for fine dining and instead are asked to a fast-food place, this is not likely to be a useful invitation to accept as your energy frequency is not aligned with the invitation.

The Pure Generator Energy Type

Generators are builders. You are the busy bees of the world. A Generator in alignment is the epitome of creation and creativity. Generators and manifesting generators together make up 70% of the global population. When in alignment, you produce a tremendous amount of energy, designed to lift the world. The global mess we have today is an outcome of generations of Generators burdened by conditioning.  A generator cannot produce boundless energy when laboring under someone else’s dictates. Even with the best will in the world, if you are functioning against your authentic self, you cannot fulfill your potential, nor can you uplift those around you as you are designed to do.

The results can be seen throughout the world today.

The true power of a Generator lies in your ability to wait and respond to opportunities rather than to initiate. This is also the greatest difficulty for a generator. Patience is a muscle that needs to be developed, and the work is never easy. It became even more difficult to achieve with the rise of social media and electronic everything. Processes to create, obtain or access almost anything became as fast as microwave ovens and instant gratification became a thing.

The takeaway – Generators may be able to push through towards your dreams (that’s a big ‘maybe’), and achieve them without developing patience, but the end result will still be dissatisfaction because the dreams you achieve might not be exactly what they wanted – you didn’t wait to find out what your dreams really were!

Pure Generator in Relationships

You can’t initiate, so how does this work? Flirting! You are not made to initiate, but you can play by having a conversation and see how it goes. What’s your response to how the back and forth between you plays out? When two Generators are testing to see if they want to be in a relationship, they will need to ask each other questions and gauge their own responses. It can make deciding what to have for dinner quite the involved exchange!

As with all major decisions, the Generator must use patience when deciding. It’s tempting to use the mind, but chances are you will end up with a relationship full of frustration.

The Manifesting Generator Energy Type

Manifesting Generators are a hybrid energy type. This means you must learn to balance the tremendous energy you possess from both sides. This is both a challenge and a blessing.

Your type gives you incredible potential, even more than a pure generator has! However, on the other side of the scale you have a anger and frustration as your ‘not self’ responses. It is difficult to have patience (the bane of the Generator is this need) and hold yourself in check as you always are ready to leap into action to manifest the next thing.

The good news is that once your generator self has waited to respond and you’re underway on your new venture, the manifestor in you can take the helm, crank up the speed and use that awesome power to make great things happen.

Manifesting Generator in Relationships

Manifesting Generators must keep the above in mind when entering a relationship. Patience in deciding to go ahead, or not, is key. Take time and be yourself is tremendously important. If you do not, you will not receive genuine responses and experiences.

Takeaway points – Manifesting Generators will experience both intense frustration and anger when out of alignment. It may seem to be tediously slow, but using patience and allowing yourself enough time to be sure of what you want is necessary for a happy, fulfilled life.

The Manifestor Energy Type

The Manifestor is designed to act and does not need to wait to respond. This reality often leaves the Manifestor feeling puzzled about everyone else’s slowness. As you can move from one thing to another quickly – and grasp new concepts just as fast – you must remember to inform others of what you are doing to avoid leaving a trail of chaos and upset people in your wake. Why? Turn the tables for a moment and imagine you were the non – Manifestor with a whirlwind of a partner who would change track and forget to tell you they were going to do so. How would that work out? I imagine you’d feel left out, confused and possibly full of assumptions about what their abrupt behavior meant. There would likely be lots of disappointment and hurt feelings. This is applicable to work, home, school.

Manifestor in Relationships

Parents and society at large find quickly that Manifestors are difficult to control. That really bothers people! You are a member of the second rarest energy type and are the most powerful of all energy types.  You are designed to function independently. Your aura is selective – some will be attracted by your strength and power, others will not. There is often a lot of anger stored in the Manifestor from childhood, due to parental and school efforts to control you and thereby cause and condition you to live as your ‘not self’. Bearing this in mind, it is important for the Manifestor to find ways to address that anger, to channel it, to recognize its presence and origin. Failure to do so will lead you to bring all that pent up anger to the fore in any current argument.

Takeaway points – Be sure to inform people in your environment when you are about to do something, so they have a chance to keep up or at least know what you are about. Deep anger may get in your way and will need to be dealt with first, to have and maintain healthy relationships. Go with your spontaneity when making decisions, be your authentic self and remember to communicate. You’ve got this!

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