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by | Apr 30, 2022

In Human Design, Motivation describes how you are designed to provide your uniqueness to others when it’s correct for you to do so. There are 6 different motivations.


Fear is the survival instinct that keeps you safe. On the shadow side, fear can hold you back from experiencing life to the fullest as you stand still, terrified by the unknown. However, if you use this motivation to investigate and learn about the unknown, you will become deeply knowledgeable and provide valuable information to others. First line in the hexagram.


Hope knows not to focus on and worry about outcomes but to trust that all will be as it should. “Go with the flow”. Waiting to be called by the right people or circumstances who will shine light on their genius is key to bringing desired results to fruition. The more trust, the more flow brings its gifts. Second line in the hexagram.


Desire motivates the maverick. You don’t follow the well-worn path but instead look for the juicy bits of information that others miss along the way. Desire burns in the leader as you are motivated to share with others the things you have learned by trial and error, by being brave. Follow your heart’s desire and you will avoid the pitfalls of burnout and disillusionment. Third line in the hexagram.


Need drives the delivery of information and resources via communication in a way that presents the salient points. This is achieved without overwhelming the recipient with too much detail. Leader of the overview, the ‘top five need to know’ and bullet points of all important things, this motivation has the awareness to give you what you need. Fourth line of the hexagram.


Guilt motivation is powerful and can be channeled for good. This person will figure out where others are foundering and will provide solutions. You share your knowing with others, and that is your greatest gift. Realize that YOU are the person needed to fix things instead of looking around to see who else will step up. The phrase “you’ve got this” literally applies to you. Fifth line of the hexagram.


Innocence brings a power of universal influence rather than leadership of a few. You can stand back and view the situation more objectively then provide guidance as a role model. Sharing your perspective with kindness is your superpower. Remember to come back after you have stood apart for a while, or others may simply see you as being aloof. sixth line of the hexagram.

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