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by | Apr 26, 2022

In Human Design each Type, has a unique strategy.


The Generator and the Manifesting Generator both need to wait for opportunities to be presented, then respond. These energy types are not initiators. Don’t worry, this isn’t as restrictive as it may first seem. Life presents us with choices and opportunities all the time. You simply need to practice being aware of what’s out there, and then decide what lights you up. An energetic ‘ooooh yes’ is what you are looking for.


Manifestors are here to inform others, typical leaders of ‘their’ people. When you walk in the room, people instinctively take notice. You are here to do what you choose to do and when you choose to do it. This can go against the cultural grain, but inform others of what you intend to do, you’ll stand a better chance of getting it done.Note: this is not the same as asking permission. No, no. You are simply informing the people who need to know.


Projectors need to wait for an invitation or wait to be acknowledged. This means waiting for the right moment or circumstance to share your wisdom. When you are able to do this, your empowerment follows, and you get to do some truly amazing things in this world.


Hello you lovely and rare Reflectors! I know, I know. Waiting a lunar cycle seems like an incredibly long time to wait before making a decision, amirite? The thing is, you have so much to process! You have been taking in all the energy, thoughts, pressures, emotions and identities from everyone around you. How fast is that going to get sorted out? It’s going to take a long minute.So, if you think 29 days is longer than you really need, I suggest you keep a journal as completely as you can so you can see for yourself how long is ‘long enough’. 29 days is not a hard and fast rule, no. However, it IS likely that your processing time for significant decisions is somewhere in the ballpark.

Note: we are talking about significant decisions here and not what’s for dinner.

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