Why taking action creates success

by | Nov 20, 2021

Do I have some inspiring goal setting tips for you! Yeah, that wasn’t really a question. Of course I do!

And hey! Thanks for being here.

Are you ready for life changing tips for success? I’m going to share them with you right now.

(Fanfare please) and you’ll need a pen and paper.

  • If you could have and do anything, what would that be? Have clarity on what exactly you want your ultimate success to be and be prepared to get creative to get there.
  • Make sure your goals align with your vision for your future. It’s great to have a vision, I’m encouraging it! But are you actively working in alignment or are you peddling backwards and getting nowhere, fast?
  • Put another way, look at your daily habits – do they support your ultimate destination, or do they move you further away from it?
  • If your goals don’t align, ask yourself “why not?”. Because ….
  • You will need to change your daily habits OR change your vision. Ask yourself – Which do you want more? Spend some time here. This is hugely important!
  • Your habits feed your short-term goals. Are you feeding them gourmet meals or fast food? What habits would you get the most benefit from changing?
  • Your goals should inspire you. When you think of them, you feel excited for the day ahead. Your goals drive you forward, not overwhelm you to a standstill.
  • We have established that your goals need to be on point, but here’s the billion-dollar question – “What’s your Why?”A solid reason why you want what you want will get you through those times when motivation deserts you. And it will desert you. At least now and then. Focus and determination wake up when motivation sleeps, if your ‘why’ is made of the right stuff.
  • Write your goals down. Pen and paper are ideal. Make a vision board if the works for you. Or a map. Research shows that people who write their goals down (ideally with pen and paper) are 42% more likely to achieve them.
Build yourself a fine-assed schedule. Yup, that’s what I said. Not a “to do” list. Those are so last century. A well-planned schedule will help you to keep on track and take committed action each and every day.Time out from tips for a genius mic drop:

Words of incredible wisdom from the young tech millionaire Denys Z – “When we fail to reach our dreams, we fall to the level of our habits. Our habits are crucial.”Read that again. Write it down somewhere. Hang on to that concept!! It’s pure genius.

Denys says 70% of our awakened state is governed by habits.

Whoa! – He’s not wrong, you know.You’ve probably heard the brain does not want to have to work things out and make new decisions all day long. It’s tiring and not at all how we are wired to survive. So, if you are mostly your habits, the question becomes “what are those habits?” What are you made of?

What? Oh yes, tips. I have a few more for you. Let’s get back to those. – I’m having fun with this! How about you? Good stuff? Let me know in the comments!

  • Coaching. A good coach can help. A skilled, attentive and experienced exponential coach can and will get you there. That would be me. Yes.
  • Review your goals monthly (or whatever ‘often’ means to you). What you are looking for is authenticity. Are you actively working on it? Does it seem any closer to you?
  • If you are not actively pursuing the success of your stated goals – stop. Think. Whose goals are they? Think about it, are you pursing your dream or is it something society expects you to do? Did your parents always want you to be a doctor or a missionary? Check in with yourself regularly, work with your coach. Keep it real and make sure what you are working for is yours. If the goals don’t excite you and give you energy, they are probably somebody elses’. If this is the case, scroll back to the top of the page, give me a call and let’s have another go.

Remember if you need some help to realize your dreams, we can chat, let’s see what’s possible.

What an amazing opportunity is there, right in front of you waiting for the taking. If you really want it, we can make it real!I totally believe in you – Mikki.

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Michaela brings her natural intuition to each and every client. Formerly known to everyone as "The Compassionate Coach", Michaela views the world through a deeply compassionate lens. Her mission is to facilitate the rise of SELF-CARE in place of broken Health Care. Empowering each person towards lasting & improved health while developing a heartfelt understanding of the intrinsic rightness of themselves and sense of worthiness, Michaela is changing lives one operson at a time. YOU are that important, YES.


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