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check in: How’s Things with you?

by | Feb 6, 2022

Hello my lovelies! I’m thrilled to see you again so soon!

I hope you don’t mind the familiarity but think I can be cozy with you now as we’ve been sharing blogs for a while.

Grab yourself a beverage of choice, settle into a comfy seat and let’s schmooze for a few minutes.

Ahhhh. That’s better.

As your friendly neighborhood Compassionate Coach, I am going to take a moment to mention what it is I do, and how I do it.

Well, whatever it is, I do it with compassion for a starter!

Okay, okay. That’s a fair question. What exactly do I mean by “compassion?” What does that look like in practice? It all sounds very “Zen”, doesn’t it.

“Compassion” is bandied about by a lot of people these days, but I don’t think that word means what they think it means- to paraphrase “Princess Bride” just a little.

Actually, I did a quick search and – surprise! There are some different takes on the definition, depending on the way the definer looks at it. Hmmmm. Maybe I don’t mean what you think it means.

According to the various dictionary definitions my very quick search revealed, “compassion ” means “sympathetic pity and concerns for the sufferings of others”

Hmm. Very “Mother Theresa”, but not really where I am coming from. Nope.

Next came an emotional language researcher’s view: “compassion” literally means to “suffer together” – a feeling is aroused that makes you want to alleviate the suffering of others while feeling their pain.” Ummmmm…

Nice, but no cigar. There’s altogether too much suffering going on in these definitions for my taste. Let’s accept where we are for now and move on. No need to stay in it. Agreed?

(That was a hint)

So (fanfare please) here’s what I mean by “Compassion”

– to be compassionate a` la The Compassionate Coach is to meet people where they are. Non-judgmental, no criticism.

To be present with a genuine interest in helping that person to up level their life from good to great, or from seriously stuck to amazing action.

Whatever that means for that person.

And there you have it.

In a nutshell.

No more suffering involved.

Simply put, I help people who are ready to create better and greater things in their life.

So, how are things?


Are you happy with yourself and the direction your life is going in?

Do you feel like something is missing from your day?

Stuck in a rut, maybe?

If any of these are a ‘yes’, then ask yourself “Am I ready for something new?”

Are you ready for awesome, exponential growth in your life?

Looking for some insight into how you can achieve your dreams?

Yup. I absolutely can help you with that. It’s what I do.

I invite you to meet me for a conversation. We can have an online chat about life, the universe and all things for half an hour if you’d like, no strings – or money – attached.

Let’s see what it would look like to get you “up levelled!”

I got you – Mikki.

About Mikki Gaffen Stone
Michaela brings her natural intuition to each and every client. Formerly known to everyone as "The Compassionate Coach", Michaela views the world through a deeply compassionate lens. Her mission is to facilitate the rise of SELF-CARE in place of broken Health Care. Empowering each person towards lasting & improved health while developing a heartfelt understanding of the intrinsic rightness of themselves and sense of worthiness, Michaela is changing lives one operson at a time. YOU are that important, YES.


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